Westmead Children’s Cancer Research Unit – Donation 2014




West Pennant Hills Cherrybrook Lions Club and The NSW Lions Public Health Foundation has made a donation of $10,729 to enable the Westmead Children’s Cancer Research Unit (CCRU) to purchase urgently needed equipment for the studies and treatments into a common childhood cancer, Neuroblastoma, which is responsible for 15% of all cancer related deaths in children.


The West Pennant Hills Cherrybrook Club is a major donor to the CCRU. Unfortunately, in half the children patients with neuroblastoma, the tumour is very aggressive and spreads to other parts of the body, even at diagnoses. Two out of three patients die from high-risk neuroblastoma. Currently, the Neuroblastoma Research team is studying the “telomeres” (which protect the DNA of a cell) in this disease. Studying the telomerers in neuroblastoma tumours with different behaviours will help us to understand why some, but not all, of these tumours behave so aggressively. The results of the studies will enable the CCRU to design better treatments to improve the patient cure rate.


During the presentation ceremony, Assoc Prof, Dr. Jennifer Byrne, on behalf of the Unit, thanked the Lions for their hard work in raising the funds from the community. She said that the unit’s scientific team appreciated our donation to assist furthering their work and improving patient treatment outcomes.


Club President, Bob Pillay, said that the Club acknowledged to tremendous importance of raising funds to support the work of the CCRU and the 2014 donation is one of the ways the Club is celebrating its 50th anniversary later this year.


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