Firstly and most importantly, could I thank the Lions who could attend yesterday … The Old Brigade,

Brian, Keith, Shala, Philip (wearing his unique Lion hat) Pearl (thank you for the lovely photographs), Ian Cav, Ian Western John, Alan, Steve, Bob and Dimi (If I’ve forgotten anybody I apologise).At least 45 hours were spent on this project by our members.

It turned out to be a magic day, after the rain of the previous day. There seemed to be more stalls than than in the previous years, and more variety.

Bob Hawke was there, sitting in the sun, chatting to the VIP’s and parents. He didn’t buy any chocolate wheel tickets this year. Bob and Blanche are patrons of Inala.

The RFS were there in their orange uniforms and their platypus mascot. Ian Cav knew their captain. He was that innovative educator who came and talked out to our club not long ago.

We started selling about 9am. The sale of the strips of tickets for $5 found ready customer acceptance, and made the job of the sellers a lot easier. We had 24 spins of the wheel, which is as many as we’ve ever had. Early in the day we got a lot of $50 notes, and later in the day, the tickets were purchased mainly by coins. We took an amount equivalent to previous years (over $1200) plus $500 donation from our Lions club, making over 1700 in total.

It has been suggested that, towards the end, we have two spins of the wheel for every set of tickets sold. This would have the positive effect, of holding the crowd around the chocolate wheel for longer, and also, clear out a lot of the prizes, so that Inala wouldn’t have to store them until next year.

Once again, many thanks to the club the members who participated.

Bruce O’Toole

Chairman Inala Fair Chocolate wheel


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