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Group Volunteering with the Exodus Foundation – 14/02/17

On Tuesday the 14th Feb 2017,  some of our club members volunteered to cook and serve meals to about 250 vulnerable people at Fishes and Loaves Restaurant.

The following Lions and some of their partners volunteered to carry out this tedious process from 9.45 am to 3.15 pm.

Lion Geoff Harrison & his wife Trudy, Lion Peter Butler & his wife Noreen, Lion Pearl Lin, Lion Phil Watson and myself.

Unfortunately, Lion Gavin Ridley and & his wife Margaret, Lion Chaminda and Lion Paul had to pull out at the 11th Hour due unavoidable problems.

We were scheduled to have a roster of 10, due to last minute pull outs we were short of volunteers.

Luckily, Lion Arul Niles’s daughter Rebecca Niles was able to offer her precious time from 9.30 am 2.00 pm. That was a great help from Lion Arul.

What a whirlwind day !!!!. From the start to finish you all were an incredible volunteers. Because of your dedication and hard work, the project was a great success.

The four ladies Noreen, Lion Pearl, young Rebecca and Trudy, were excellent at the front. They serve  250 vulnerable people with great care, enthusiasm and spirit. They were full of smiles all the time and never showed any tiredness.

The runner – Lion Phil did a great job – running between the ovens and the front to replace the food (taking the empty trays to the kitchen and bringing out hot food trays from ovens to the front) – tough job – but he did it with ease.

Lions Peter, Geoff and myself did the hard yards – cutting and chopping veggies, fruits, doing salads and what not.

After the lunch – clean up.

The ladies did a fantastic job. They cleaned all the tables and chairs of the restaurant (a big hall), mopped the entire floor. It was spotless.

The guys did clean the kitchen, washed most of the plates and trays. In fact we cleaned some of the ovens and walls with detergents.

We have a great bunch of lions and partners. Most of them wanted to have this project regularly (Once a month).

Thank you so much for commitment of time and energy to this important Centenary Project.

A special thanks to young Rebecca Niles. An inspiration to younger generation (X,Y,Z). Lion Arul, you must be proud of your daughter.

We should seriously think of this as a continuous project. Board over to you.

Thank you and god bless